Austin Chapter 10 Historical Information


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Austin Chapter 10 has a rich history of local conservation.


1924         Chapter 10 organized on January 9, 1924

1928         Tree clusters planted along Hwy 218 between Austin and Owatonna

1929        Fair article publisher, membership at 130

1930-40   Fish rearing and stocking in East Side Lake and Cedar River

1930         Log cabin loaned by Jay C. Hormel, remodeled by Ikes

1931-32   First cabin and trap houses built at Todd Park

1932         East Side Lake created with Austin Chapter 10 support

1933         MN State Division Annual Convention held in Austin

1934         Membership at 480

1935        Grove of Fir trees planted at Todd Park

1936         Trees, provided by Ikes, planted in every school yard in Mower County

1948         Membership at 175

1955        Ikes plant trees in Lena Larson Wildlife Management Area

1956         Membership at 225

1957        Ike’s Cabin destroyed by fire.  Ikes provide garbage cans for the City of Austin

1959        Lady Ikes Red Cedar Chapter chartered

1969         Membership at 135

1986        Lady Ikes merge with Chapter 10

1989-90   Chapter 10 implemented the Non-Point Source Pollution Pilot Project (NPSP) in Mower County Schools

1990         Membership at 98

1991        The NSPS learning stations and hands-on program are demonstrated at the 20th annual conference of the North American Association of Environmental Education held in St. Paul, MN.

1993-95   Demonstrated the NSPS program at the Nebraska State Children’s Groundwater Festival

1994         In cooperation with Iowa IWLA chapters along the Cedar River, Austin Chapter 10 began the first phase of the Cedar River Restoration Project.  This phase identified pollution sources that have harmed the river biologically and have inhibited the recreational use of the river

1995         Land owned by Austin Chapter 10 along the Cedar River is sold to the MN DNR to create the Mill Pond Wildlife Management Area.

1996        Provided $3000 for Hormel Nature Center internship.  Provided funding for Banfield School Green Planting Project.

1997        Financial support for Southland/Rose Creek School plantings.  Began annual support for Ellis Middle School “Wetbugs” program.

1998        Funding for Hormel Nature Center summer programs

1999         Spearheaded the $13,000 project that replaced all the fish display tanks and electrical service in the Game & Fish Building at the Mower County Fairgrounds. Contributed $1000 for a Truax planter for the Mower County Soil and Water Conservation District.

2000        Cedar River Monitoring Program in conjunction with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

2002        Donated $1000 to the Hormel Nature Center Land Expansion Project, supported Ellis Middle School Biome Project, began annual funding of Take-A-Kid Fishing program

2003         Contributed $1500 to Hormel Nature Center Land Expansion Project, donated $3000 to Mower County Pheasants Forever for land purchase, provided teacher environmental education stipends, and contributed $1000 to National Ikes for Wetlands Clean Water Act action

2004         Contributed financial support for CREP

2005         Austin Ikes webpage developed, provided $200 for tree planter for Mower County SWCD

2006         Initiated purple martin project.  Started Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center Summer Camp scholarship program

2007         Cedar River and Dobbins Creek water monitoring for e-coli

2008         Austin Chapter 10 receives the 2008 Save-Our-Streams award from the National Izaak Walton League

2009         Chapter 10 receives the 2009 Outstanding Service Organization of Mower County award at the “Pride of Mower Show” at the Mower County Fair.  Membership at 100.

2010         Mill Pond prairie and rain garden plantings.

2011        Larry Dolphin becomes MN Division President, Austin Chapter 10 Facebook page is created  

2012        Received a $15,000 grant from the MNDNR for buckthorn removal at the Mill Pond WMA

2013        Donated 7.5-acre parcel to USFWS to expand the USFWS Lost Lake Wildlife Area.  Expanded booths at Game & Fish Building at the Mower County Fairgrounds.