Tobin Awards are given to the most dedicated member of an Izaak Walton League
 Chapter each year.  The following are recent  Austin Chapter 10 Tobin Award

Jim Stiles received the 2011 Tobin Award


Jim received the Tobin award for the following contributions to Chapter 10:


Austin Chapter 10 President - Jim was Austin Chapter 10 from 2010 to 2012.  He has provided strong leadership and a clear conservation vision. 


Mill Pond Rain Garden Project - Jim was a key contributor by organizing chapter member volunteers to aid in planting and mulching.  Overall $17,000 was raised and 1.5 acres were planted with prairie and wildflowers. 


Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment Jim, along with his wife Merlene, played the lead role in educating the public about the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment in Austin/Mower County.


State Capital Bus Trips For the past six years Jim has organized bus trips to the state capital to meet with area legislators and discuss environmental issues. 


Thank you Jim for all your contributions!
Terry Dorsey received the 2010 Tobin Award


Terry received the Tobin award for the following contributions to Chapter 10:


1.  State Director since 2006.

2.  Mower County Fair - has been instrumental in preparing the Game & Fish 

     Building at the Mower County Fair for the past 11 years.

3.  Environmental Education - Terry has co-led the Eagle Bluff Summer Camp

    Scholarship program since 2005.

4.  Fundraising volunteer since becoming a member in 1996.

5.  Host at 2005 Minnesota Division State Convention.


Thank you Terry for all your contributions!
Ramona Swenson received the 2009 Tobin Award.


Ramona has been a constant volunteer for all of Chapter 10's fundraising activities.  She started our chapter newsletter "Austin Ike's Quarterly" in 2006 and has continued to be the editor.  She was also a key contributor to the Non-Point Source Water Pollution Project that began in the 1990's.


Thank You Ramona! 
Verneice Beckel won the Tobin Award in 2008.


Verneice was Chapter 10's secretary from 2003 to 2008 and managed her responsibilities with grace and clarity.  She is a constant volunteer for all of Chapter 10's fundraising events.


Thank You Verneice!
The 2007 Tobin Award was given to Gary and Diane Knudson.


Gary and Diane have worked side by side with great devotion, organization, and enthusiasm in fundraising for our chapter.  Through their leadership and volunteer efforts, Austin Chapter 10 has raised over $25,000 since 1997 and invested those dollars in conservation.


Thank you Gary and Diane!
The 2006 Tobin Award was given to Dave Cole.


Dave worked on producing the chapter's website and led the effort to update Austin Chapter 10's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.


Thanks Dave!
Leon Johnson was awarded the Tobin Award in 2005.


Leon has been a member of the Austin Chapter for 50+ years.  During that time he has participated in most of the clubs activities:  fish stocking of local rivers, East Side Lake and the Skinner’s Hill pond; assisting young people in learning to fish; water quality of local waters; river and roadside cleanup; tree planting in rural areas for wildlife; school education plantings; fundraising; and has been club president and held other offices. 


He also coordinated the fish display and the water quality exhibits at the Mower County Fair for over 15 years.  When the Ike’s Cabin burned in 1957 he assisted in both fundraising and building the new cabin.


Thanks Leon!  (Leon passed away April 2012, he is truly missed)